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Fishing The Pacific Ocean

The most popular marine species with saltwater anglers are salmon, halibut, ling cod, and tuna.
Something is always biting – no matter the season.

Pacific Salmon
The Pacific Northwest is famous for its salmon fishing . Both in freshwater and saltwater. Ocean Chinook are usually available from April to October, and the season for saltwater coho is July. Salmon can be caught in Pacific Northwest bays and in the Pacific Ocean. Salmon can be tricky because they swim at such a variety of depths. Experienced guides and salmon fishing charters in the area know how to troll at different levels until they locate their prey. There's an art to this, so you'll have a lot more success by fishing with knowledgeable guides.
Barbless Hooks
By law, anglers use a barbless hook for fishing for salmon and steelhead in British Columbia. Modify a barbed hook by squeezing the barb against the hook shank with pliers. Worth noting here, barbs were not put on hooks to keep fish on the line. They were added to keep bait from wriggling off.
Last I knew, Washington anglers fishing for salmon and steelhead are required to use barbless hooks in the lower and mid-Columbia River. These barbless hook laws area relatively new thing to fishing. If anyone has newer info on this, send me an e-mail and I'll post it in the
guide report page.

Spanking Buts
Halibut is another favored catch with saltwater anglers fishing in Pacific Northwest waters. These flatfish live on or near the bottom, and they get huge. They provide beautiful fillets, with firm, white flesh. You'll most likely need some help finding and landing these big bruisers.
Pacific Northwest is also blessed with schools of albacore tuna, and these can be caught all year. When weather conditions are right – especially when El Nino pays a visit – the action can be fast and furious.

Ling Cod
Ling cod is another tasty fish that can be caught in Washington waters. They can be landed near shore, but these will usually be smaller individuals.

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