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The Inside Passage

The Inside Passage is a coastal route that extends from southeastern Alaska, in the United States, through western British Columbia, in Canada, to northwestern Washington state, in the United States. Ships using the route can avoid some of the bad weather in the open ocean.
The Inside Passage is a destination for kayakers and canoeists from all over the world. Each year groups
and individuals paddle along the fjords from British Columbia to Glacier Bay in Alaska.

se alaska

Fishing Southeast Alaska
Fishing in Southeast Alaska is great, and there are a number of small cities and towns to make your base camp for adventure including : Haines, Skagway, Juneau, Sitka, Petersburg, Wrangell, and Ketchikan.
King Salmon Fishing is very popular, as is fishing for other types of Salmon, Halibut, and Rockfish. The Rainforest area is covered in lakes, rivers, and streams which provide a great place to wet your fly for Trout and Salmon alike.

Southeast Alaska Fishing Locations:
Haines Alaska Fishing

Going Fishing in Haines Alaska is a chance of a lifetime. Haines offers excellent Salmon Fishing, and scenic beauty that is unmatched. From the Chilkoot to the Chilkat, Haines offers you the Alaska Fishing Vacation you have been looking for.

southeast alaska bear Skagway Alaska Fishing
Skagway is a relative unknown to most fisherman, despite the fact that is has grown into one of Alaska's best known cruise ship ports. Take a charter boat out on the Taiya Inlet. You will be amazed at the giant halibut you pull up from the same stretch of ocean you were cruising over just hours before.
Juneau Alaska Fishing
Fishing in Juneau is a favorite pastime of many of Alaska's Capitol City's residents. Juneau is a great place to fish, and best of all it is easy to get to thanks to regular jet service from many cities down south.
Sitka Alaska Fishing
Fishing in the town of Sitka, which sits on an Island in the Pacific Ocean, give you the chance to fish in some of the most productive fishing grounds in all of Alaska. Sitka was once the capitol of Russian Alaska, let it become your King Salmon Capitol.
Petersburg Alaska Fishing
Petersburg is a commercial fishing mecca, as well as Alaska's Little Norway. Petersburg offers a wonderful spot to enjoy a Rustic Alaskan Vacation, with Surprising European Luxuries.
Ketchikan Alaska Fishing
The Gateway to Alaska, Ketchikan's 14 feet of rain each year feed an abundance of streams, lakes, and rivers overflowing with fish.
Fishing in Ketchikan is a fantastic experience.
Prince Of Wales Island
Prince of Wales Island is on the ocean side where fishing can be better than on the inside passage. In addition it is the 3rd largest island in the US with an extensive road system making the river fishing for steelhead and silver salmon & trout among the best river fishing anywhere!!

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